The Charity & Appeals Directory is published annually by Funeral Service Times and is distributed free of charge to almost every funeral director in the country.

The directory lists more than 1,300 charities and charitable organisations, from animal welfare to youth groups, all of which recognise the huge importance of working with funeral directors in securing precious in memoriam donations.

During difficult economic times it can be harder than ever for charities to attract donations, making this particular type of giving even more vital to those seeking to continue - and hopefully increase - their invaluable research and work.

Funeral directors can play a key role in the selection of charities. While assisting people with planning for their funerals, such matters as legacies or in memoriam donations will be raised and decided upon well in advance. More often than not these donations will be determined at a time of great need, and the porocess of choosing a cherity that both befits and honours the deceased can provide comfort to grieving relatives.

The Charity & Appeals Directory is an extensive and practical reference manual to assist the funeral director, providing the contact details of specific charities and inspuitarion when a particular charity or charitable area has not yet been chosen. 

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